Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Seeking to improve

I'm guilty of not modeling the behaviors I expect in my students related to the blog, so time to tell on myself and get back on track.  It's been nearly a month since I posted although I expect them to post a minimum of every other week.  It's been an interesting journey to pursue passion projects with this class. It's also been a learning experience so far for me.
Some students have taken to the idea of independent research well.  They are engaged in aspects of their project outside of class (creating origami items, reflecting on their soccer games in relationship to their project, applying their project concepts to their hobbies, etc.)  Others are struggling just to work in class and still challenged to develop a topic defined enough to explore their passion.  Some see it as a research project while others are tying it into activities they are engaged in.

I would love some feedback on these questions to help me grow and improve the experience:

  1. Some of my students pose questions in their blogs.  How do I get those posts out to a wider audience so they can get feedback?
  2. Students created their blog using a school Google account but their e-mail is disabled.  When comments get posted they aren't getting notified.  Short of telling them to regularly check their blogs for potential comments, is there a work around for comment notifications when the blog account email isn't an option?
  3. What has been your best way to assist students without overshadowing their efforts?

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