Thursday, March 12, 2015

Using Videos to Inspire Our Thinking

With classes slightly shortened for PARCC testing, we used half of our class days this week to introduce Passion Projects and begin generating ideas. On Wednesday, we used Kid President's Pep Talk to kick class off. (I really should have used it Tuesday which was The International Day of Awesomeness) As soon as some students saw Kid President's face, they said "Oh, we get to see Kid President today" and when someone went to talk during the video "Shh! This kid is great."

We transitioned from there to using the "Genius Hour Rubric of Creativity" I found so students could self assess.  I collected their perceptions of their "creativity" and "genius" so I could scan a copy for myself to see where I might best be able to encourage students.  Once I scan them, I will return rubrics to the students for their reference and reflection.

Then we viewed some clips on other passion projects/ genius hour activities that have been done or potential ideas before wrapping class up by tossing around some ideas that were coming to mind for their own projects.

I can tell by the looks on some students faces that this will be a challenge for them. To be continued next week . . .

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